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Danny Myers vs Eazy Da Block Capt ( who really won )

URL presents Born Legacy event featuring Danny Myers vs Eazy Block da Captain. Great battle.. This is the recap.


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  1. I know this is gonna sound wild but if you also mix your channel up by having CHRIS UNBIAS “Jail Time Reviews” telling stories of your time behind bars, this easily sets you apart from ANY battle rap vlogger because they can’t talk that jail shyt with conviction. Please, nobody mention Battle Goof and his incarceration either. Shalom king

  2. I know it probably won’t happen but we need you on champion. In this one recap alone you showed your analytics skills haven’t missed a step. Your battle IQ is just as high. Your caffeine ready today. Only thing I will say is get that man name right Eazy the block captain. Other than that we need you in a suite debating and projecting with Jay Blac.


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