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  1. “Youtube drops are super important. Being stuck on app it tires ya….. slow it down. You cant get full off a plate if its a appetizer‼️‼️‼️” BARS

  2. Lyt smart. You tube drops works to get more eyes to get views up to continue building his portfolio to gain money from sponsers etc….

  3. One thing no one talks about is; YouTube creator have reaction channels. And their fans recommended battle rap compilation provided by the likes of Playboy X and Masked Innocence etc. That's because those battles live on YouTube and bring in a whole new audience.

  4. The URL should simultaneously stream the battles on YouTube while live on caffeine so we can see the battles and gives us the option to donate that way we get our YouTube battles and URL gets paid because the app is trash

  5. Don’t get me wrong Los might do great like a Tay Roc showing BUT Daylyt is in a rare zone. I know people may not see him as a God Tier. But He is. View it from a battle rap point, rapper point, lyricist point, he is Maxed on all levels. Funny, Gun bars, Lyrics, delivery, special moves, heck even antics showmanship.

  6. YO! It was right in our faces and we didn’t see it! Daylyt said if it’s not on YouTube it won’t get the exposure as if it was. The YouTube platform has a bigger platform than a Caffeine or url app

  7. VADA I appreciate you answering my question you don't know how much that meant to me a big fan of yours always been the South has your back thanks( real stand up man)

  8. I'm in that minority that would rather see this battle over Daylyt v K Shine. There's no way Shine could be Daylyt unless he pulls a stunt. King Los is different. His performance vs Head Ice shows it doesn't take much to do this shit, and its not just hypothetical violence. Ya'll ninjas skim through the Webster a couple times to prepare for this.


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