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Dear Battle Rap: Big Kannon Retires And Walks Away For Good


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  1. Never seen anyone as explosive as him in the ring…I think kannon was not the same aftet his father passed… That was the start… He had a few good performance after the Mackk myron battle. But check the game tapes his lyrics was still top notch but his timing was off

  2. Gotta respect his feelings. U gotta be strong in this rap game. Sometimes u gotta grow and move on. Nothing wrong with how he feels. U can't continue to wrestle with yourself, and the only way to change is to leave it where it's at.

  3. With Caffine and Url selling out to illumaniti.
    Your gonna see a lot of battle rappers disappear.
    The real ones will step away from it.
    Just like certain actors and industry rappers stepped away.
    Once the satanist control it
    They take you into the rituals and sacrifices.
    And this little battle rap money isnt worth that moral compromise to some of them.
    Keep hiding JC.
    Once this industy gets more control of battle rap.
    They are gonna start killing and sacrificing these men.
    Thats on aunti


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