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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Hustle fucked the battle up no debate clearly. It’s was agreements and she violated. She messed it all up she just wanted shit to go her way. Smack looked stupid cause he couldn’t control the situation and get me hustle to stop the bullshit. That shit was wack across the board . Hustle energy was overboard shit not cool. They looked goofy. Salute coffee she was professional …smh fucking shame can’t take some people nowhere

  2. all the street drama is trash. coffee was up 2-0 before the cut off. more creativity and bars along with some dope ass punches. hustle had some ok lines but nothing crazy. the aggression was cool but extremely extra. she loss

  3. Uncle Ra never sleeps he be at all the other Battle rappers hotel rooms I wonder does he ever have time to book his own room or rest but salute to the Goat Uncle Ra the Craig Sager of URL or Stuart Scott.

  4. Me hustle don’t know how to handle business plain and simple if it was that serious she agreed to do the battle just battle and take it outside after she too emotional then I see other videos and she bring gang activity into it she bad for the culture

  5. The issue is hustle has always gets what she wants because of her privilege as “url First Lady” as long as they keep babying and enabling her, she’ll continue to act out and be unprofessional.

  6. Ms hustle has had so much beef with everyone I’m good on her it’s starting to seem she there because of drama.and not talent. Debo has to play it like he is because he’s qotr boss and hi I’m and hustle just patched things up remember … hustle showing up late as the headliner showed a lack of respect to the fans the staff and coffee…I’m good on hustle battles

  7. U can't b disappointed n the ladies cuz the battle ain't finish the power went out.. coffee was spittin her 3rd she might of been half way thru power went out so disappointment shouldn't b cuz battle ain't finish disappointment should b n other areas

  8. its battle rapppp! coffee was going in circle "dunky Ms Hustle!" hey nunu nells Ms Hustle made coffee get out character ! Keep up the good work Ms Hustle! lady luck blow smoke at Offic -arsn bumps hollow, Ms. Fit talks about funeral momma! kshine slaps charron! its battle rappppppppp contracts get torn on stage !! pocket check ! blah blah blah

  9. He talking like he ain’t have nothing to do with this battle lmao foh caffeine cut the stream cuz y’all can’t act civil. Don’t blame white people or (civilians) for not understanding lol they not supposed to

  10. I ain't even see this battle cause they held the show cause they didn't know if Hustle was gonna show up… So because of that drama, I missed THIS drama lol


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