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Destiny 2: How to Get Ruinous Effigy – Exotic Trace Rifle (Calcified Light Fragments)

A new exotic means a new exotic Destiny video. Here’s how to get Ruinous Effigy, a trace rifle. Timestamps: 0:00 – Introduction 0:13 – Start of Quest 0:51 – Io …


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Comment (22)

  1. I hate the fact that if you don't buy anything in this game, it so fucking hard to progress, no raids, no ruinous effigy, so u can't even do your moments of triumph

  2. Haven’t played much since shadowkeep launched so I don’t really know what the prismatic recasted is but I went there to get the quest and it doesn’t have it (btw I do have the season pass)

  3. Hate how I have to buy season pass just to get shii now this is one exotic that should be for everyone IDGAF make it hard to get but not just for those that can buy the damn season pass… I live in Fl and due to the highest rate in the country I can't freaking work awesome ty bungie

  4. its forsure a fun gun. the void sphere just dunking it on a bunch of enemies right after taking one out is awesome. There is another exotic i got shortly after it from zur that has a similar shooting style but doesnt create a void sphere. Both are great though.


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