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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. CV19 is a strange blessing as it relates to the essence of battle rap….with no crowds the best RAPPERS (saga danny mike p bdot rum cortez the new guys jey fonz chaos sikh lu swamp) are being pushed to the limelight theres no crowd niggas can hide behind it's all about what you're saying n not what u doing n guys like suge twork etc that rely so much on the crowd are disappearing…..

  2. 2-1 surf or 3-0 let me explain… Expectations on hoodie lux is so high no matter he say it’s not going to be good enough… surf can go in and be on auto pilot… a few gun bars and some jokes it’s a easy win… can’t really say much to lux that hasn’t already been said before… Lyrically he’s not out rapping lux… plus lux raps for the aftermath not for the now…

  3. DNA is the LeBron James of Battle Rap. Here's why: He has the highest IQ in Battle Rap (LeBron has the highest IQ in Basketball), no one knows more about the sport than him: Not any other battlers, not any fans, any battle rap media/bloggers, not even Smack or Beas. He's highly regarded as one of the Goats in Battle Rap (LeBron is one of the Goats of Basketball, if not the Goat.) , Same as DNA. He's been consistent for over a decade in Battle Rap and is improving gracefully as a Battle Rapper. (LeBron is in year 17, still going strong.) He's statisically done every single thing in Battle Rap that u could think of and done it at the highest level while going against some of the toughest competition. Also, he's battled everyone and has the highest win percentage (LeBron vs. KD, Steph, Kobe, Dirk, Tim Duncan, Popovich, Tony Parker, KG, Pierce, Kawhi, DeRozan) in Battle Rap to date. He's been at NOME many times (LeBron going to the Finals 8 straight times in a row), headlined many events and battled and won on multiple leagues. Argubly the best freestyler in Battle Rap history (LeBron being the best finisher/playmaker the game has ever seen). At this point in his career, what does he have left to prove? DNA is LeBron of Battle Rap.

  4. Dna is starting to get more respect from the culture but he's actually been like the guru of battle rap his battle rap IQ is the highest he's been around since the inception of this, battling on every league, and whether you like his style or not his knowledge is unmatched this is what he does for real and he moves like it. He's a young legend cant say that for many.

  5. I feel Nome X is gonna be a classic once we look back even though the environment is a little different, the level of competition in all areas is crazy believability, writers, performers, bar heavy, each battle in its own right has the potential to be a great battle or classic

  6. @16:59 Is funny asl but it’s facts though when you a real nigga little funny shit like that just slide right off of you because even after all that tree shit geechi gotti is still considered by the culture the most believable and authentic crip nigga in battle rap that nigga bulletproof fr

    “When it’s real you can tell”


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