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Drugz comes out the closet/ hiphopisreal vs Champion/ Ave has Coronavirus!


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  1. They say they testing at the event fam prior to anyone entering the building according to beasly I’d thought you be in the loop since you posting up to date events let’s not leave that out. They taking precautions

  2. Yo cap, get well bro. But with all this shit going on in society. This shit just seems so fucking irrelevant. Besides the well wishes to AVE and everybody else affected by the “Rona”. All the other ish is gossip and a waste of commentary. You have a lot more substance than that. Peace.

  3. " Obviously it's still around " well…yeah, you live in the US you have the worst record for infections and deaths in the whole world…THE WHOLE WORLD, WTF made anyone in the it's think it's gone? Trump? a proven liar, or perhaps the state you live in that has manipulated the numbers? it's time to wake up, you haven't even flattened the curve, most countries did not even think of opening until the numbers were low, but you live on the US… and have a fuckwit for a leader, this is not going away anytime soon, get real


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