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FanMail –Lets talk about it

Chris unbias breaks down questions that fans have about battle rap and his situation.


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Comment (31)

  1. All these lies & negative energy comin from GROWN ASS MEN really shows how sad the world is. How could anyone w/ a family dedicate their time & energy to tearing another BLACK FATHER down over BR? I understand competitive energy, but this is taking it way too far.

  2. Christ i been in jail for a robbery. After about three months in, the detectives come to me about a spree of other robberies and tried to pin all that shit on me. Even showed me a still photo of some other light skin male robbing a bank and said that was me. Bruh that nigga didn't look nothing like me so I basically told them to fuck off and I never heard anything about it after that. But during the questioning they tried to pressure me and scare me into confessing something.

  3. One of the 1st things he showed in the Redemption video was the police report with Shannon’s name on it. He said in regards to the person who accused him of AGGRAVATED SODOMY, that was her NAME. If he has a police report saying he was arrested that means he has two separate arrests and the one from 2015 wasn’t just some random charge that was “Pinned” on him; he was arrested and charged for that just like he was in 2017.

  4. all these fake ass gangsters showing they true colors by not knowing how the criminal justice system works… how in THEE hell could anyone watch a whole battle truth video, i tried it, felt dirty, wouldnt want that shit to show up in my search history

  5. I think a special segment of champion is do for you brother! Your a pioneer of this plogger s***! You, jayblac, Angryfan, & Uncle Ra! You got a strong 2021 in front of you bro! We need a tsu surf untold truth, Saga untold truth, & b dot! Instead classics! Unbias 2021


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