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Fonz vs Jey the Nightwing wasnt a good battle….


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  1. That battle wasn't bad. Saga fuckin choked bad in every round. Mike P was average. Daylyt bodied Roc bad. Surf choked and jerseyed out of the second and third. Lux flamed his ass.

  2. Fonz is fire.. idk what you talkin about Caps. We literally have vets choking on the main stage. Let Fonz live. That echo audio and lack of audience is why it wasnt hitting like that for me. Jay was mad lackluster too

  3. I do agree the battle was wack but Fonz clearly won this battle I had him 3-0 it’s crazy Jey had the worst performance on the card and he didn’t even choke even tho there were multiple other niggas who choked that’s how bad he was smh knowledge buggin for pickin Jey they gotta do better with the judges

  4. Tbf they both only had two weeks prep after back to back battles in UM tournament.
    Some other battlers on NOME had longer prep and had worst material


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