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Fran And Maxwell Get Married! | The Nanny

Finally…Maxwell puts a ring on it! From Season 5 Episode 23, ‘The Wedding-Part 2’. The moment we’ve all been waiting for! After five long years, Fran and …


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  1. "Miss Baaabcooock…"
    "Oh, thank you Niles. But, you know, I'm not supposed to…-<violent drinking> do that…."
    "How many times have you NOT done that tonight?"
    "About…eight…. Oh, Niles, now that Maxwell's taken, my life is OVER!"
    "Oh, Miss Babcock, you always underestimate yourself! You have a lot to offer a man. You're witty, you're sophisticated, you're beautiful, you're sexy-"
    "How many times have YOU done that tonight?"
    "About twelve."

  2. Everything about this is great! The dress, Sylvia’s “Don’t you *dare*” look, the hints of Niles and C.C. being in love…a perfect way to cap off the Fran/Maxwell relationship and start the pregnancy chapter! 🙂 Fun Fact: Both Lauren Lane (C.C.) and Rachel Chagall (Val) were pregnant at this point, but it was never mentioned in the show, so they had to cover the actresses’ baby bumps up with props and baggy costumes.


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