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FRANCHISE NOME X PREDICTIONS FRANCHISE after his Ultimate Madness URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF …


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  1. franchise is trash. All he does is talk loud and get aggressive. But fans nowadays think that that's what good battle rap is lmfao! Verb evolved and raps amazingly, His flow, rhyme patterns and content are actually really good. Ppl just wanna hear about guns and hear punches every 2 seconds. Open your mind and listen.

  2. Why y'all interviewing Great Value Twork?? It's obvious these basic punchline niggaz favor that style over lyricism because it's easy as fuck to do. It's also why all these new niggaz sound exactly the same.

  3. HHIF, yawl must don’t mess with Verb. Some stuff doesn’t need to be put out man. Crazy how yawl use that man name in a title for views.

  4. Verb clearly beats mook and has a debatable battle with lux and y’all still won’t give this man his credit at this point you niggas just like that ignorant Gunbar shit cmon open your ears and listen to the man rap

  5. Niggas LOVE to hate on Verb.
    But this just goes to show you how trash this new battle rap community is.
    Verb LITERALLY evolved his style, removed the gun bars, and is STILL bodying cats with "big boy" talk! To be able to switch up and STILL kill takes a whole different level of talent.
    Shit, truth be told, I'm tired of hearing gun bars every damn battle. Y'all done wore that shit out.

  6. I swear to God and I mean no trolling, I think Verb is borderline trash. If you really listen to what he says it’s absolutely nonsensical for the most part. It’s all imagery and fiction. Makes absolutely no sense. I feel like he raps for idiots but because he makes it sounds smart the dummies go crazy for it. On God that’s how I feel


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