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GEECHI GOTTI RECAPS HS BATTLE VS AYE VERB NOME X Geechi Gotti after his Face offs Nome x URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS …


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  1. I had it 2-1 Geechi because it coulda been 2-1 either way. But I don’t do 2-1 either way… whoever has the best round of the 6… gets the battle for me when it’s 2-1 either way. And since his 2nd was the best of the battle… 2-1 Geechi.

  2. A huge crowd would’ve fucked up the flow of Daylyt vs Roc tho. You’re locked in when dudes like Lyt start rapping like Gods. I hope Lyt and Lux battle in a similar kinda way so we can tune in. Plus it will look incredible on cam. No crowd disruption.

  3. Geechi literally brings the best out of all his opponents.
    Bro the only opponent that didnt utilize that chance was twork.

  4. AV RD1. 33
    GG RD1. 22
    AVE RD2. 29
    GG RD2. 24
    AV RD3. 29
    GG RD3. 23

    Clear loss for Geechi Gotti – The favoritsim carried on
    through the votes. I’m sure the app will have a different outcome when they actually
    have a chance to listen to everything Verb was saying. Verb 30, 2nd
    could be debated with the “You’s a B” angle but lyrically it was not close 2.1
    debatable 30 for Verb

    Community Revolution in Progress was a fire angle 
    Props to Geechi though cause he hasn't let up yet and faces monsters

  5. Wow – Props to Geechi for losing his material and still showing up. I take his word for it . Didn't even let people know until they gave him the victory.


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