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Glitter & Lotion Craft Kit! Unboxing Your Mail W/ My Sister

Today, my sister and I unbox mail from YOU. We love all the surprises and mystery items you grains put in there. Thank you so much to everyone who took the …


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  1. Hi Jackie! Just wanted to say that for the peeps, my wife and her father prefer them stale, along with day old popcorn, just a different flavor/texture option

  2. Honestly I will hiss when people/things irritate me or piss me off…and I've been told to "mew" when half asleep and comfortable. I'm pretty sure I was a cat in my past life.

  3. Allo I am one Canadian grain love u Jackie I've been a fan since ur first coy pawnd and still love u u make my day went I come home from school not now tho cause covid

  4. I can just imagine Angel meeting Bakugou and they're chill with each other but they also try to murder each other constantly.
    Angel on Bakugou's shoulder: hit and run
    Bakugou: #@$*%!


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