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Gucci Mane Regrets Playing 'The Truth' Diss During VERZUZ With Jeezy… "I Shouldnt Have Done That"

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Comment (31)

  1. What you expect?

    You think they gonna take a chance and end up like fbg duck, pop smoke or Pac?

    Who in their right mind wouldnt want to protect themselves. He did just perform truth and talk raw about pookie lok. Pookies people might not be ready to let shit be. It could just be some random hater trying to make a name on social media.

    I know if I was in his position I wouldnt take any chances. Not when you got family that depends on you. Aint nobody taking me away from my kids on some sucker shit when it can be prevented.

  2. Bro, Gucci could've been dead, most not people from Atlanta don't know how real this beef was. Gucci had to kill someone in self defense and it was alleged Jeezy set it up get Gucci chain. I never thought this was ever going to happen

  3. I liked Jeezys stance during the whole battle even after I think Jeezy won the verzuz but Jeezy told Gucci bring the real Gucci not that cloned Gucci so that exactly what happened

  4. He did 'RIGHT ,'"""GUCCI MANE,"""!!!!!!!!
    '''N.O.''' DISRESPECT 2, N.O. """C.R.I.P.S."""——->WORLD—WIDE<!
    IT'S—–"""BLACK, """"RED<—>BLUE>"""<—>"""]
    NATION—–‐>ALL IS WELL. —–>I.V.L.<—>ALL——>NATION OF——>'G',S,
    IT'S———->BLACK TIME,,,——>TO SHINE,,,,, AS —–>O.N.E.!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Look man. It's about time mfs act they age. And they both realized it. Salute. Now gotta steer these other young ones n old heads still poppin off bs that ppl feed into. That way we can all see it's about getting over shit and move on the right way. Life is too short to stall or hold any grudge against whatever problem u had or have. Let it go. Time heals all. Be mature and do you gracefully without being a burden to others or guiding your followers wrong. Pbp. Happy Thanksgiving merry Christmas happy new years to the world. Much love and respect. Let's grow together and make a better tomorrow from the day before. Always.

  6. Whoever this white guy is a straight clown they were never friends and how would you feel somebody put a hit on you and you almost lost your life Gucci was the bigger man for even being in the same room with someone who tried to kill him

  7. I'm sorry but no one is buying that Gucci quote. If Gucci said it, he would have made it public. These two have seen each other in very tense situations during the last 15 years. If someone sends other people to rob/hurt/kill you, your feelings aren't going to change

  8. To the person who recorded gucci at compound, when gucci goes to the studio, there are 20-30 bloods who've never met gucci, waiting guard inside the studio while gucci is upstairs recording, just fyi


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