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  1. That would be great to see theses two put all they have been through behind them I was just a lil boy in the same city when the beef started but its like all are biggest black rap artist can't get alone are they dead theses are two people to look at and be proud they both made it through

  2. Seems like every New Yorker I've heard recap this situation is sh*ttin on Jeezy for that moment….even the "enlightened" brothers amongst you…..just an observation…reconciliation happens in the South

  3. I wanna make sure i understand heavybag correctly. So for the rt amt of money or depending on how much $$ in ur acct makes it ok to let a man violate you?? This some new age thinking

  4. Can't blame a man for feeling a way about you putting a bounty on him. Of course the guy who put the bounty on you wants to be the "bigger person"

  5. What niggas not realizing it jeezy say anything anything at all about him sending a hit on gucci after gucci "snitching" saying jeezy sent somebody to rob me take my chain and kill me to detectives and in court and on songs he's going to get indicted and charged with murder or attempted murder


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