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Guests Who Claimed Their Lives Were Ruined After Dr Phil

Love him or hate him, Dr. Phil has undoubtedly helped many people, either through advice, tough love, or financial support. But that’s not everyone’s experience.


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Comment (47)

  1. People need to take responsibility for their own actions, they write to Dr. Phil for help and choose to go on the show. Seems to me Dr. Phil's does have policies and procedures set in place so those who merely want their fifteen minutes of fame, aren't taking advantage for their own gain, so those who actually need the help are willing to expose themselves and their vulnerabilities. So, if someone has a drug, alcohol, family problems, ect, yes are being monitored until they go out on the stage.

  2. I think many ppl are opportunists and I wouldn’t be surprised if ppl were looking for a payday. America is a sue happy country! I also notice how little ppl take accountability for their short comings. It’s so easy to point the finger at others and place the blame.

  3. I love the doctor Phil show. He gets people t o show up in their truth…before any change can occur…all the rest is opinions and conjectures …. a lot in people's behaviour that really is absolutely insane…. and unfortunately some think it's normal ….well it isn't….when you are high profile you are always up for criticism…

  4. I want to believe deep down he wants to help people he is a Dr. of some form. Millions write him he can’t be all bad. He offers treatment which isn’t cheap. However trauma should never be exploited.

  5. Didn't he lose his medical license? If you go on his show you should already expect this. Shelly Duvall was manipulated and used for ratings, shame on him for that

  6. For half of these people on here, have you ever thought of taking Personal responsibility for your actions? And if you don't wanna be recorded saying stupid shit, DON'T SAY STUPID SHIT.

  7. Who would go on Dr Phil for the whole world to see, but I’m glad they do, its great entertainment……right? I mean that’s what it is… an entertainment show, not a documentary, not an investigative commentary, not a medical show. Seriously what do you expect, and if people go on the show, unless they have been hiding under a rock all their lives, what do they expect?

  8. A murderer, a kid whose math teacher broke her arm when she attacked him, a woman who thinks she's psychic. In sorry, but you can't judge the validity of those complaints by the complaints alone as the people making them are whackadoo. Shelly Duvall is too but yeah, that interview should never have happened.. I'll concede to that one.

  9. Never purposely liked or watched dr. Phil to be honest. And even now bc of COVID 19 dr. Phil would rather care more about his rating then keep ppl safe from COVID 19.

  10. Did he not loose his license years before the show? The show is about entertainment and making money off of other peoples misery. It's been done for years, it's not right but it still happens.

  11. Every “patient “ here are or were attention hogs. And that goes for Shelley Duval too. She’s an actress and thus is a member of the screen actors guild. She could have found a competent therapist but instead she went for the television fake one.

  12. From the UK. My observation is that of course the show has to have an element of showmanship otherwise we'd be bored to tears. What impresses me is the huge amount of expertise and resources he has at his disposal. Also don't people write to him??? Nothing is foolproof but for every negative story there must be hundreds that have benefitted from the free treatment he facilitates. Plus for those of us watching it can be a learning tool. "Choose the behaviour, choose the consequence" is frequently used with my 4 daughters!

  13. The judge dismissed the first case, according to court reports the judge said this is a frivolous case as the plaintiff obviously doesn't have a leg to stand on.

  14. You would think that by now, people would realize that Phil (he is no doctor) is a quack and would stop going on the show. But nope.


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