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  1. I just….never got how high people put Surf….his skill is being a politician on stage and crowd control….take thay away and he is fucking trash.

  2. Lux not getting enough credit his bars was off the hook he didnt even give surf his third. When he said i have the most views on funk flex while you spiting i-95 bars i was like its over

  3. What did smack say if you don't bring your rounds I'm gonna eliminate them ?? So saga and surf both are gonna be eliminated?? How you choke in two of three rounds ? I feel like I could of done better than surf did against lux that's so disappointing to see 2020 is not a great year the list of things gone wrong is longer than good moments that's sad and what does Mike p get from bodying saga?? He should deserve some type of bigger plate for that

  4. Remember "you gave me enough" when he choked vs Nitty? Chess. Qlueen Paper. Clips. Smack needs to look himself in the mirror and realize he has to stop being these battlerappers friends. When you own a business you have to emotionally cut it. Stop hanging out with them. Stop allowing excuses. Stop trying to keep up with a young rappers lifestyle when you are 40 years old. Stop getting drunk at your events. Stop letting bloggers record you when you are out in public. He's way too accessible and way too friendly. When a rapper has a bad let your silence send them a message. When someone gives you an excuse, you put it right back in their lap with a "i hope you get it together". Dude needs some management classes. You're never gonna see any other owner of a multi million dollar business just drinking and partying with his employees all the damn time. Smack needs to fall tf back on these mfs. He gave surf a bigger battle after he choked vs nitty. You rewarded the dude after you made an excuse for him. All those attachments and friendships, this is where Smack needs to emotionally ✂ cut ✂ it.

  5. And don't think for a second Geechi wrote 3 rounds in a week. Most happened is it got rearranged a lil bit. You can't possibly think that a week before the battle he just forgot everything he wrote.


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