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Hour Of Worship Vol VI (My Day of Testimony)

“Hear my prayer, O LORD, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness.” Psalms 143:1 “1. Hasten, O God, to save me; …


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Comment (11)

  1. Yesterday all the angels came down to fellowship and worship with us. The Holy spirit is real and i can shout that. My brother last night was fire i mean Holy fire. May Almighty God bless you and increase you to a greater level because i know when you go higher,higher will we also go spiritually. Pass my regards to your family and kindly remember my stay here in Saudi to be a peaceful one. Thank you brother

  2. Prayer request mog, please pray for my uncle's Mr Samjella Esua n Samgwaa Esua and Paul for their business n marry which has been facing challenges especially Mr Samjella Esua n Mr Paul.They are twins.thank you blessed to be in this great ministry of worship


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