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How Ale Was Made | Tudor Monastery EP3 | Absolute History

The team wean piglets, cultivate wild yeast, malt barley, make ale and bread, harvest honey and beeswax, dip candles, shave their sheep’s hooves, demonstrate …


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Comment (23)

  1. It is the number of females born, not the whole generation, that determines the population growth and prosperity.
    Lamb chops, the post natal abortion of male sheep to make more grazing available for the female sheep.
    With humans in-uterus abortions turn healers into into well paid serial killers and may cause infertility to the women.
    The safest option is to abort the unwanted child after birth and before it is registered as a government asset.
    Persons that remain Daughterless after age twenty-five sould be penalized on their taxable income for using the economy without sustaining the economy.
    Someone need to teach the anti-abortionists a lesson about the economy, because morals, emotional constipation, is not worth as much as survival and those whom are unwilling to pay child support are not in a position to call the shots on the legality of someone else having an abortion.

  2. I have to admit the whole idea that they actually believed that the bread was transformed into the body of Christ and then they ate it creeps me out. Doesn't that make them all kind of cannibals?

  3. 1 Yeast is a fungus
    2 bees don't make honey from wax
    3 that is not the origin of the term "rule of thumb"
    4 hopped beer is German in origin. It was popularised by the Dutch.

  4. I can't believe the narrator said they got yeast by capturing BACTERIA from the air! Bacteria are not yeast! Yeast are yeast! They capture wild yeast from the air, which is what the historian woman said. But who writes these narrations and doesn't bother to check their basic facts? I just heard on another one that said it was in the 1400s that stone castles hadn't been created yet! 1400s and wooden castles? That's nuts. Otherwise, I love these programs, but they should really try not to include stupid errors.

  5. I found it quite astonishing that in the whole island of Britannia, there is no safe or clean drinking water source. Everything is muddy and smell gross. Is that a history fact? Do people drink boiled water also? So they not know how to filter water? 80% of drink are beer?????

  6. those pigs are gonna be so pissed when they find out you use pig fat for damn near everything! Drinking ale makes sense I guess, I wondered why everyone in the Bible drank so much wine. When the water is poison and will kill you. You kinda have to find something safe to drink.

  7. I'm freaking out. They are taking that hive apart with no gloves? Those bees don't like hands? Dude has everything "but" his codpiece covered!!! And holes in that face mask big enough a horse fly could get through. I'm not into bees what so ever. I get stung my whole weekend is over down sick and swollen like hell

  8. "It's one of the greatest machines ever devised"

    That is a statement who's perspective is DEEPLY entrenched in exploitative societal structures. Who benefits from the delineation of time? Those at the top do. Ask the working poor how their toil is calculated, their "worth". Ask indigenous peoples how the concept of time enslaves and distracts from their connection to the earth.


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