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HOW FOOD MAKES YOU POOR Crush online ads with Adchill: HOW FOOD MAKES YOU POOR if you continue to eat the way you are, you …


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  1. i eat dry bran flakes in the morn. i eat a lot or i get more migraines but my meals are quick, healthy and usually cheap. going to try that humus salad as lunch is where i spend the most money.

  2. Hello, John! Great information to eating healthier. You are so correct about the foods we eat for fuel. Our body is our temple and he need to properly take care of it. I am 60 yrs of age and I have strong beliefs in eating healthy and I am not on any meds, my meds is eating a healthy balance of mainly veggies, mainly in the morning. Your body will appreciate the love and you will have great energy. I don’t eat a lot of fruits due to high sugar content (but healthier than processed sugar) but I eat a apple daily. I am taking your 21 Day Challenge and “yes” it is a challenge for a “Newbie” such as myself, but I am determined. This is like learning a foreign language, but I am game. Thanks!

  3. i do intermittent fasting until 4pm and then my 2 meals after that are Pre made. Food is a big time waster. Cooking then washing dishes takes away time you can be using on higher income tasks. Use a healthy meal prep service its the best thing i ever did


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