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How One Man Flies Hundreds of Miles Using Balloons

Remember when Carl tied all those balloons to his house in the Pixar movie “Up” and flew? Jonathan Trappe does that in real life. He attaches helium balloons to office chairs, gondolas, boats, even little houses, and he goes flying. Trappe has crossed the English Channel and soared over the Alps. He’s witnessed spectacular sunsets and glorious moonrises. Here’s how a guy who is an IT consultant by day made his wildest childhood dream a reality.


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Comment (40)

  1. Just wait another 40 years and this man bout to have an asian boy scout from the Wilderness Explorer pop up at this door and ask him if he needs any assistance.

  2. Told husband I was going to get balloons.
    He asked where I was gonna get so much helium. I mean I only weigh 115 lbs pregnant lol.
    He also didn't say no…
    Guess I'm taking a vaca!


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