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I just saw BDOT vs Th3 Saga….


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  1. Maaan i gotta say some caps. Wathcu think about me sayin there’s no way i can my friends into battle rap cause there’s literally NO way someone can become a NEW fan of URL lol. Nothing on youtube that’s not a year old

  2. niggahz think im bugging when i say u can argue that s3ga 3-0d him. (By the way i was late too brother seen it about a week ago). if u ask me the only round that was close was the 1st. i still personally thing O-red vs Chess was a better back and fourth battle. 2nd n 3rd were pretty short

  3. They not dropping battles because they're money hungry. So many battles ain't dropped it's ridiculous! We got battles from about 2 years ago that ain't dropped.


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