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  1. Stop. Nobody cares but this like your 30th blog on the battle. The hype died down because we been waiting so damn long for it. You excited about it that's why you blog about it everyday. HE GONE BEAT LUX stop saying that dumb ass hit about not being conditioned

  2. Have to disagree with you truth on this one. It don’t always have to be a beef to promote a battle, this is strictly just to see who’s better and it’s a great match

  3. I love this battle and it’s gon do numbers. Let’s be real imma battle truth fan but here is where I get off the train. Man U say lux trash until he about to battle somebody you like less than him.

  4. I agreed tsu surf don’t deserve lux imo plus surf a choke artist and plus he don’t win battles this battle is only for ratings and to bring audience to battle rap

  5. It's really nothing to build up w NO CROWD BT………at this point, it's just best to come ready & prepared…..Swamp & Twork was HYPED, how that work out? Then Twork turn around and have a fire battle vs Danny, and with NO hype…..


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