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I RUINED My Skateboard!

SKATEBOARD GIVEAWAY AT 5000 SUBSCRIBERS – How to not look after and ruin your skateboard! Skate in the damp & cold weather. Even the undercover …


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  1. Looks like you live a bit further west than me but there’s a really good winter in spot in North Ferribly. Long tunnel with 24/7 lighting. Newly built with smooth ground and quite out the way too so nice and quiet. Take a few bits and bobs with you and it’s a good sesh.

  2. I checked this place out on a previous very rainy day, in reality I knew it was unskateably wet, obviously put my board down anyway, tried to roll in = immediate slip out – ruined jeans.

    Need to go back for redemption at some point…

    And another thing, have started sending emails to the council in York about trying to get something done around the skatepark situation which was so well summed up by that security pro – if you or Alex or anyone is up for trying to help, sending more emails or phoning or whatever, let me know, we can try and get a campaign up and running.


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