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  1. Battle Truth been called it…. Angryfan now saying it too. Knowledge shouldn't be judging. We appreciate the interviews etc and obviously people have to try different hats but in the name of fairness, everyone shouldn't be a judge …. Pick unbiased people who understand bars

  2. Great job my g….
    It's starts there…. that's big 2 see and hear…. more folks should do that more often…. Respect and Salute young G…. all the work you put in 4 the culture….
    It's okay to have a bad game knowledge…. it's always about the Get back….

  3. ….that whole " different judges" shoulda been the agenda from the gate!!!! Well respected figures or tastemakers(battle rappers and bloggers mentioned in the comments) in the BRC should judge just off the strength of pushin the culture to a wide spectrum.

  4. knowledge did his thang, and uncle ra tried to learn and tony bro was tight he was just bias just like reda. real judges who know this shit the best will never get to do it. Like the nigga who started judges battles! @battletruth! 3letterman would be the best as long as he dont get to bein bias like he do sometimes

  5. If we’re going to have more judged battles, they should consist of battle rappers. The bar analysis are cool but no one should be the judge of something they’ve never done. My judge list would be made up of the OGs of battle rap. So…

    • Swave
    • Head I.C.E
    • Murda Mook
    • Loaded Lux


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