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I'm Giving Him The 30 Like Curry Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. 3 rounds of gun barz from Tay Roc. What else is new. If daylyt comes correct and does not bullshit around. Daylyt 3-0 or a clear 2-1 lyrically daylyt is light-years ahead of Tay Roc. Daylyt biggest obstacle is himself. In a small room and daylyt has not been seen in how many years? What roc is going to say we've already heard from him before. He might have a few daylyt name flips. He might I say might because that's not really Tay Roc's style. But he might try it.

  2. Funny how Daylyt fans always to throw out excuses or be like if he do or if this happens or when he serious…. blah blah blah point is bol had plenty of chances to solidify himself as a great. he cant be trusted and i dont trust him

  3. A clear 30? Damn give Daylyt sum credit.. He might sneak Roc.. His return gone win him da 1st, Roc gone get da 2nd, Daylyt just need to get the 3rd, Easier said than done tho


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