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Insane Ways These Rock Stars Almost Died

Being a rockstar can be as dangerous as it is glamorous, and no one knows that better than these music icons. From heartbreaking addiction spirals to terrifying …


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  1. Thts so wild about Jonathan Davis having itp my wife suffers from its but hers is idiopathic which means they don't know where it comes from where jonathans is immune and they know where it comes from tht blows my mind cuz we are both huge korn fans and as far as I'm concerned Jonathan Davis is the greatest vocalist alive…

  2. Rock stars = heroin addict. I can't blame them though, it's the best feeling in the world. But eventually you will hit bottom so hard you change your life. After 12 years, and hundreds of detoxes I've been clean for over 4 years now.

  3. After seeing these addict experiences while growing up, I never messed with hard shit. Anyone who does is either sheltered from music news or are stupid.

  4. Motley Crue:



    ALL rock and metal bands in the 80's grew long hair, so that's meaningless.

    Hair SPRAY?



    NO, not even close. Doesn't sound like metal, isn't derived from metal. ISN'T METAL. NOBODY called them metal then, only people who don't know shit do today. NOT METAL.


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