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  1. Surf is TRASH. The only reason he’s getting this battle is because smack want to dick ride him cause he think surf is tired into the industry. Nobody outside of battle rap is playing anything surf do. Let surf go. Bdot will kill surf.

  2. If Tsurf battle Lux with a large crowd.. then it would be a good battle.. but without a crowd against Lux there is no possible he is will win.. Lux is way to crazy with the bars

  3. JRUM Citty or Citty JRUMN drum city or city drumming JC RUM nitty name blend (JRUM Citty vs guntitles) (JRUM Citty vs lux Mook) (JRUM Citty vs A ward saga) (JRUM Citty vs monstars suge twork) (JRUM Citty vs chilla b magic)

  4. “Loaded lux don’t even be saying noth-“ SHUT CHO DUMB ASS UP!
    Surf beat Brixx from across the room. Lux is the perfect craftsman but surf is the perfect battle rapper (with no chokes). This battle will be monumental.

  5. They better put in a pool table if they actually go through with this…just them awkwardly standing far as fuck from each other is gonna look so stupid

  6. I really feel many of y’all just like surf’s aura….as a battler he’s lost more than he’s won. And had a DEBATABLE with Reed…Lux can have a debatable wit Verb…but a debatable with Reed especially after saying he’s not getting any round…yea it’s all hype..more ppl deserve Lux than surf

  7. YOOO!! Why is Anwar sitting so angry!! Everytime Jayblac talks, Anwar looking at blac like… I am way better then this dude!! If my brother was here. He would tell you!!!

  8. I'm sorry Jay but Anwar gotta go. You put in too much work to be associated with a dude the industry you're in doesn't respect at all. I know it sucks cutting somebody off and y'all can still be cool but for your Champion brand……………nah.


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