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  1. Blame the fans. If the fans canceled these battlers who don't take this shit serious we wouldn't see them. If we stopped supporting cards with these characters on it Smack wouldn't push them. We got the power to stop this shit.

  2. One of John Johns first known battles was in front of 2,000 ppl against hitman so he has been part of the “battle entertainment” era

  3. Niggas can’t handcraft material and Bars… Saga and B DoT were entertainment at it’s finest. In moments like that it’s hard to pick a “winner” because you hate to disrespect what the other opponent brought. But everybody ain’t getting measured like that .. This ain’t what Surf talkin about

  4. Its been battle entertainment in the front for a while. URL and RBE will give battles to the fans of a strong pen game(essence of battle rap) and consistant showmanship sometimes, but if it aint ticket selling at a high standard in url eyes it wont happen. The money changes every culture. Just observation.

  5. I dont think MOOK and BRIZZ. think its that's was just a mis understanding..Mook was grieving..he knew he shouldnt have taken the battle. Brizz knows why it happen. Its just faith. They both just need to make this happen. This battle might be one of them ones. Im certain.

  6. Wrestling is the perfect analogy.. Its like WWE! And everybody rap the same and sound the same and people seem to hate if somebody sound different. Thank goodness for guys like Math, Mook, Hollow and Lux!

  7. Im b.o.e barz ova everythang but this generation fans are all entertainment and gas.
    Lyricist and fire bars are shunned against fan favs with no bars.

  8. Just let mook and brizz battle on ultimate madness two finals day, or semifinals like swamp and njt. We need to get past this so we can see more brizz

  9. The nobody that knows body, doesn’t know battlerap? You said, it’s battlerap asking as lyrics are being said? It ceases to be battlerap when the lyrics aren’t dictating a battlers career. This is a show at this point, when lyrics take a backseat to antics and performance we failing. I remember back in the mid 90’s battle rapping against people on the internet in forums. Content and lyrics should ALWAYS be number one, if it isn’t then what are we doing.

  10. 2 things…..From what I heard Brizz had ran up after the event to get his fade or whatever.. That means bruh might not be able to just be around a nigga that stole off on him and disappeared just like he ran. You hit me in my face it could take s couple yrs for me to actually be able to see you and let it go. 2nd….why not milk it till the right time to get the right bag.. Because for the right price I'll sit around someone I plan on fucking up….and I'll make money just from telling you how I'm going to fuck you up after this event if you don't get missing immediately after we're done.

  11. Kill the battle rap crews grabbing all the talent and destroying possible matchups, massive fucking posses on stage, rewarding failures and breaches of contracts…be explicit about the no overly aggressive contact/fighting and make real pocket tapping penalties for fucking up. Let’s force them back into battling

  12. Tsu surf broke this down a couple months or years ago on a live , he said once you put battle rap on a stage its not battle rap anymore it loses its essence once u add da big stage and cameras so each step the culture takes to being more mainstream entertainment the more it will lose its orginal essences

  13. The Antics are fucking up the culture..shit sad..exactly what lux was saying in the surf face off..what jewels n content are we taking from these battles?


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