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  1. Y'all need to stop believing Surf, Surf hurt his self and his fans/stans. Surf talked all the shit in the world leading up to the battle and flopped. Shame on Smack from letting Surf skip everybody in line to Lux, and he was a disappointment. Bro had a whole year's prep and still choked smh, I rest my case. Lux was humble the whole time, this was like in school when the bully (Surf) talk shit to the quiet guy (Lux) and the quiet guy beat the bully's ass. Silence is golden.

  2. Lux did win clearly but it wasn't a 30 in my eyes I think Surf got the 2nd he was going in the only round he got through and if he would have gotten through that 1st it would definitely be debated or Surf could have possibly won

  3. Not to take up for Surf but 6 min rounds a lot of rappers would choke or Jersey out but u were right about him choking gotta give u that u were right

  4. How many battle rappers u know can rap 3 6 min rounds u probably can count on ur hands but that's no excuse but I think he's gonna kill his next opponent. 3 6 min rounds that's like 5 songs straight that's crazy

  5. SURF RD1. 25

    LLUX RD1. 47

    SURF RD2. 43

    LLUX RD2. 30

    SURF RD3. 25

    LLUX RD3. 40

    TSU SURF 93 (L) LOADED LUX 117 (W)

    Did not live up to the hype on both ends. Given the time limit and no crowd reaction both Lux and Surf’s numbers should have been double. Day and Tay set the bar and showed what could have been possible


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