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JC EPIC RANT ON TSU SURF & AYE VERB, WARNS AYE VERB ABOUT SPEAKING HIS NAME JC after his battle vs Loso Ultimate Madness Tournament THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF HHIR Knowledge …


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  1. Lol I like JC but damn it's starting too seem as if he's begging lux said he blew it , surf did too and even verb said fuck naw just get someone else lol

  2. So just because he can carry a gun around it doesn't mean a damn thing. License or not if the venue dont allow firearms then u aint gettin in wit one wether u can conceal carry or not. Why do ppl think there kool cuz they can carry a gun. That shit aint fuckin new to anyone who is a man. I can tell J.C. aint gangsta and thats okay. Stop tryna be wat ur not with your lil whisker goatee.


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