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John John da don and Ace Amin drama


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  1. You can't pull out on a unarmed person. Secondly he would get even more time for the fact he came to the event with intentions to do harm. On top of your licensed so you suppose to know better.

  2. you dont have to be afraid to use ya gun. Ppl keep it on them you at all time. Sounded like a warning to stop Ace from getting him self killed. In other words I have my pistol and I am not fighting, so you run up and get steamed if you want

  3. JJ ain’t the one who started this bs so I’m not understanding why he gotta chill..Every nigga ain’t the same no matter the situation, some niggas will smoke you for talking as crazy as Ace was..

  4. To me the whole goonies or former goonies salty about how JJDD manhandled Ace and then it got personal. When you bring guns into it, it’s not turning back, but I would like to see them battle

  5. people who act hard or cool 24/7 you faking from the door …remember that…john john would wash ace with the hands trust me ace has no hands hes a trojan horse .. looks scary but is harmless ,,,trust me …ya sheep ya blind to the bullshit.. caps you slow for thing the about that life …ace is fake

  6. Him pulling out the burner was to…expand his aggressiveness in battle rap. Now the reality and realness factor of john john went up. His energy was always felt. But pulling it out on ace was a chess move…ace the tuffest niqqa on url he went to jail for 10 years lolz…if u wanna be real there ain't lot in battle rap like ace..because of that ace ran around with chest poked out. With him pulling it out…it brung ace amin down in level of aggressiveness.. John wants to battle him. That's all….he setting an example with john to never ever question his gangster that nigga ain't dumb

  7. Lmaoo he was across the street? And showed his gun….he did becauae of he showed it to him on the same side ace woulda punched him in his shit. If u pull out a gun on someone forreal it should be a fight. But he did it across the street for a reason lol that niggga funny as L

  8. I hate Ace but tbh if JJDD pulled up at an event when he knew people was outside and then posted a live about it as well it kind of shows you what he wanted. He didn’t want it to happen in private. I’m not gon judge that man because I believe you can’t tell someone how to retaliate to something disrespectful.

    Salute Caps.

  9. Man, Ace and Twork are the biggest chokers nowadays. If it took JJDD to rattle Ace then it means Ace not bout half the shit he say he is saying he about cuz him getting super pressed by JJDD to the part he loses 25k. Why Ace be getting all this love when all he is is just a mediocre battle rapper? JJDD will roll Ace. JJDD was going to beat him regardless simply cuz Ace not built like that. JJDD did whatever he had to do cuz of how Ace was talking sooooooooooo much shit and gets his boots shaking when he gets checked by JJDD. Ace just be bumping his guns and didn’t think a league owner would put him in his place. Stop begging for JJDD clown!!!!

  10. I'm glad that nothing else went down. If 1 person (woman or other staff worker) said they were scared or called the cops it could've went bad for everyone. My fam teaches concealed carry and we end up spending multiple hours breaking myths on what you can and can't do with your weapon. I know ppl who were justified when they used their gun for self defense, but they went broke in court trying to defend themselves. Every state has different laws. It is a big responsibility and it's political as well. They try their best to make the legal gunowner the bad guy when u get in that courtroom. Knowing that, you have to move wisely. I hope these brothers keep their cool and continue to be successful.

  11. John is wrong for that but and there is a but Ace did tell him in the HHIR interview when you see me swing so Ace is down for the Foolishness too you don't tell anybody those kind of things unless your ready to die

  12. I guarantee you them caffeine folks are rethinking this Smack investment now I believe one or two more incidents they're cutting ties.


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