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  1. You have to take accountability you made yourself look biased during their face off by playing uno with surf you should have kept it professional and mediated the face off n asked questions but instead u chose to dick ride surf stand on what u did. If you cant conduct yourself in an unbiased manner URL shouldn't let u host any more face offs

  2. I don't think clips of what rapper guests say are a rebuttal to a clip of what the Champion analysts were saying. His caption was about the analysts comments. Clips where you each contradicted his clip would work

  3. Loso was begging fir twork as well cuz he was chokin an look were that went jjdd betta slow down he got lost in the fans forgettin who surf is wen he rap he jus beat yall goat geechi on a walk through lets not forget

  4. Jjdd aint no different from mook like mook cried not to get a crowd wit ric cuz he knew he would take dat l jjdd knkw he gone take a l wit dat crowd so he tryna defuse surf fame forgetting surf was doing this at a high level wen jjdd was still chasin hitman 7 years ago u chased him long as cortez john john so act like it

  5. If surf don't choke battle rap media will not say he lost, they will say it was a good battle. Not sure how JJDD is gonna overcome that. I still got JJDD 30. I was gonna say why does Rita opinion matter but it does because she already painting a narrative.

  6. its not a biased coming from the guests youve had on champion the biased is coming from within champion itself…its not wrong to root for your homie but if your homie is a known sleazbag and represents everything that is wrong with the culture whose only motive is to market his below average performances and has found a way to convince people choking isnt losing and claiming an echo caused it to happen it has had a direct effect on how perspective can be controlled regardless of performance or bars champion has done that with surf for surf…

  7. Blac y'all do not have ti change how y'all doin thing in regards to "being more serious". Y'all got this far doing what y'all do the way y'all do it as is. John John trippin off a selective vid, dont listen to him


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