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John John da don talks feeling better,Tsu Surf and more

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  1. Daylyt had the best rounds I heard all year I don’t know John John Quill performance was pretty incredible but if John John and ill will would make NOME X way better

  2. It's true. They send the new dudes to the wolfs to soon. Then they get beat and they out of there. And it's back to looking for the future of url. Makes no sense

  3. True they be killing these rookies off fa real shout out to JJDD for telling the truth Chess got fed to AVE ROC and JC even I believe he beat ROC Chess was put on the Frontline and got killed three times

  4. Battle rap let surf 69 tekashi this whole shit. Surf has trolled himself to superstar status. Niggas still wanna battle him with chokes and jersey's his whole career.

  5. Battle rap was on point when dudes built their rep by battling every 1 (just about) n their class. It made us want 2 see them against certain vets. These new guys have a few battles & yall want them 2 take the top tier vets place. Many of the fans wanted Twork up there so bad & look how he turned out. I'm not concerned about wasted potential. It's time wasted. Let Swamp build his name.


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