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Kid Chaos debates Angryfan on stumbling and choking in battles (part 3)


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  1. 26:44 all riters bloque members r like th@ they startd getn the respect n pandemic JC RUM nitty Danny Myers chilla jones daylyt danja zone 40 barrs trez big kannon b magic born even tho QP sons not th@ I no of the pen ppl shinen now I thought QP sons was part of the riters bloque but don't no 4 sure

  2. Chaos a real one for admitting he’s enjoying the moment to get to chop it up with Caps. All these newer dudes were fans first but some egos won’t allow them to REALLY express how dope it is to have convos with one of the pillars of battle rap media like Caps. Off stage personality plays a part in this game too. Dope to see. AFM still way up!

  3. Kid Chaos: Makes a point about stumbling
    Caps: I like you Kid Chaos…pause
    Me: SMFH…I miss the days when heterosexual men just had regular convo & neither thought about a random homosexuality


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