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  1. Bro u CRAZYYY!! Even battle rappers CANT be judges because they have their own FAVORITES themselves…They also have people they COOO with or they fucc with that they'd picc…So NO…NOT EVEN BATTLE RAPPERS

  2. How are rappers supposed to be unbiased judges? In twork vs swamp the whole room was full of rappers gassing twork. This judging shit wont ever work. The only thing that is able to be decided in battlerap with no debate is a body or a choke.

  3. Naaa in the building they just tryna save face. So they purposely pick who their favorite is then after it's over, they apologize and switch up. Knowledge a lame, cornball. fr! They know what they doin. He pickin his people he rock wit then when the battle over he tell who really won. He LAME BRUH. Can't stand that dude.

  4. None of them should be judges to be honest. Like you said… should be the rapper's who know bar's.
    If I'm running the tournament…..I'm calling Swave Sevah and Head ICE immediately.
    Them 2 alone is more qualified than the whole panel alone Truth.

  5. Exactly truth. He showed his biases and now wants too retract what he said. He knew he was wrong for that. That makes me thinks if he actually watched the battle? I believe he just put out whatever to get views and money just like you said.

  6. Honestly having the rappers be judges will also cause an issue. As you can see now how these rappers was defending Twork. Most of them have a relationship and they would pull favorites as well. In these tournament situations it's hard to go with media or rappers because of biased on both parts and lack of knowledge of bars on the other.


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