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Kreo battle league owner goes OFFFFFFFFFF!!!


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  1. Dude need to realize this is a business at the end of the day. Louisiana battle rap is only a fraction of what's going on. If he wants other leagues to acknowledge his league that's never gonna happen. It's cutthroat just like in the street game.

  2. This the first time i kinda didnt like caps interviewing this time, other boy could have communicated better but as he stated. Hes talking as an angry fan of battle rap not a league owner

  3. I see dude’s point but I don’t agree with it. If he wants media coverage then he can either contact 15 mins of fame or HHIR for a fly out.
    The other solution is having homegrown/local media outlets do the coverage instead of relying on over saturated (not meant as a diss) channels. The same thing could be said for the small circuit Midwest battles: the main reason there’s no large media attention directed towards that scene is due to it being in the peripheral. Large leagues are able to attract coverage by virtue of their large traction; small circuit leagues on the east coast attract coverage by being in most media outlets’ backyard; the west coast has media outlets as well as correspondents from east coast based outlets.

  4. Y’all actin retreaded to like y’all can’t hear what he sayin or see what he doing lol he promoting he tellin y’all to check em out he been doing this for years lol

  5. His recent event was better than the recent RBE event and the last URL event just go check em out cuz that RBE Shìt is wack the last 2 events was boring asf


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