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Wanna know why I’m pissed? Here’s why?


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  1. No lies detected in this blog…

    Salute to you & the work yall bring to the culture. Remember years ago when Debo was on the "Stock Drop List"? Yeah, he been had this blog coming. Again, Salute!

  2. Salute too y’all for covering female battle rap but imma keep it a bean I can’t get into females talkin about they got the K with the shoulder strap it’s just not for me.. plus I think most of these chics don’t write their own shit

  3. This how i feel bout battle rap in general…the battlers the leagues…this applies to a large percentage of mainstream battle rap…fast to respond to negativity but completely ignore positive progressive dialogue and real supporters…not just media..they ignore actual fans as well but respond to the trolls…im legit falling out of love wit this shit…the lil bit of money i get off it is whats keeping me around at this point..ready just say yall can have all yall favs n be out

  4. Man we also been having a hard time booking the ladies to give them free promo too. They wanted the same treatment as the men they gotta put in the same grind as the men do. Hopefully it gets better…

  5. Peace FatBoy. Salute to you and the work you put in and S/O to NewEra Podcast, y'all got a new listener in me. Debo always rubbed me the wrong way. I see why certain female battlers don't want to be under that QOTR umbrella. It's almost as if they can't do any events or anything if it's not with URL. Now if another female battle league came along with new talent and made noise, that'll humble him really fast. But the disrespect gotta stop. Y'all show love and respect, they need to reciprocate that energy.


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