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Lil Boosie SENDS Strong Message After Sh00ting, 21Savage Heartbroken 😭 After Brother Got TOUCHED

Lil Boosie Send Strong Message After Sh00ting, 21Savage Heartbroken After Brother Got SMOKE Become Celebs Source Member to get access to perks: …


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Comment (19)

  1. These people really have mental problems these days they want to kill people for dumb s__t , and over people they don't know personally they are just fans and making them. SMH ! rich

  2. Ok my thing is rowdy rich sitting on racks why the hell he renting when he should be owning his home. He aint even gotta really have a mansion just something comfortable. U don't have to show off to show u someone special just be u. And the guy got a right to feel way he do for them disrespecting his pops. That rap battle should been bout Gucci and Jeezy that man past had nothing to do with their present battle. That's whats wrong with people they busy living in past and not the present and future to come.

  3. Until they go after meghan thee stallion for calling herself a horse, a male horse at that, I don’t want hear shit about this girl calling herself the actual correct term that refers to being born of two different races. Ignorant ass people make fucking sick and that’s the type of stupidity that is cancer to this world, dumb bitches!


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