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Listen up Anwar and Reda…..


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  1. Angry fan i been a fan from greenville nc show a pix of anwar face and ask brc female's would they cheat on him,if they was with him,looking at his stupid face,with his uncle buck attitude commenting on battlerap…

  2. They both wild goofy. If they didn’t know Jay Blac, they wouldn’t even be battle rap bloggers. Anwar is a Twork groupie and she’s just, well…
    I still want to know who he was talking about tho? Because Champion is a BIG platform, they are not. That’s like me going on ESPN, people F with the channel, they don’t know me.

  3. It wasnt that serious bout the b magic/chess/Rita.. But you do have a goos point. Ppl drink and ppl argue. Nobody almost fought, so thats cool. Its all part of this life

  4. Looks bad for URL too cuz she was a Judge. Reda sayin she Cave gang and Bad news was in the competition. That woulda been terrible if Bad News was im the final 2 ppl would have questioned the integrity of the tournament


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