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  1. @battleraptrap "You dont tell the truth to who need to know the truth you lie to who listen" – Surf. Surfs jay-z /grandmother/maturation from the streets angle rd1 was so UNDERRATED and broke lux down like a mad scientist. All lux did was preach , lux rd 2 sound like my grandmother after a long week. Surf 21 rd 1 & 2

  2. Surf has never in his life wrote and performed as well as he did tonight and I mean that. This was a very substantive Surf. That being said Lux still took it 3-0.

  3. Tsu Surf Got 30ed period and i told niggas Tsu is only good for two rounds either his First or Last he going to JERSEY or choke and throw one but once he did it in the very first and Lux aint even rapped yet. I said damn Loaded got this one hands down already 1-0 lux and he aint go yet smh then once he started cooking his food ah man 2-0 Tsu second was again cut short and it was eh eh then Lux went smh mentions Ah di boom and Tsu surf being a snitch and they both linked to snitching and writing together bodied Tsu with that round plus rebuttaled Tsu second talking about him being a snitch then the Third Clearly Loaded Lux i dont remember shit Tsu Surf said in the third honestly.

  4. I can't believe URL like low-key ruined just about all these battles with not having any crowd I don't care if there was 25 30 to 50 people it would have made a huge difference! That's how you know URL the bag from caffeine cuz they don't even give a f*** every one of them battles except for one was ruined they had people in the building at the other events recently SMH


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