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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. I feel like battle rap a cadence and when your cadence is off it can really effect how you deliver your performance and material which can cause stumbles and chokes. From echoes, crowds, etc. can throw that off. But with all that said yall still professionals you gotta be prepared for any circumstances. Lux 2-1

  2. Child please. Surf needs to stop with the excuses. The room or not, kitten bars are not acceptable at this stage. Choking twice and jerseying two rounds is not okay.

  3. these so-called top tier battle rappers need to keep Lux's name out of their mouth from here on out. Especially Surf & Mook… they need to start battling some Young guns. because I'm sorry I think he's Young guns like Chess and really smoke them. Their cockiness and their pass weight.

  4. So Surf lost clearly before even watching the battle. His energy is I lost because of last minute adjustments and I slipped up. Lux the goat etc. He sounds like he took his lost as a man but salty at the time about it.

  5. not agreeing with surf. let’s clarify that now. but let’s talk.. lux agreed with some if not all of the same things surf is saying as far as how the room bothered him??.. so why say surf making excuses??.. just because he lost??..

  6. Yeah ok surf u finally have to admit you got your ass smoked. Like lux said stop saying you in this new generation. You been here a long dam time. U just still want to be liked at as a young bull

  7. Surf is a performer.. lux is a performer.. these guys are made for big stages and big moments.. quotables and building shakers but the difference is lux can rely on a his pen in a situation like this.. he also had that total slaughter appearance that may have helped him be a lil more comfortable in this setting, however, surf looked like a fish out of water in this environment.. surf likes to act out his bars, that's probably how he remembers them.. him just having to rap, knocked him off his square..

  8. I don't think people really understand how much the crowd affects the game.. wait until the NBA start back up with no crowd and watch how fast you start to see that some of your favorite basketball players are as exciting as you think.. niggaz gonna be coming down doing 360 dunks and it's going to look and feel lackluster as hell.. that corner 3 ain't gonna have the same feel when you shoot it and run back down the court soon as it leaves your hands. It's just a different type of atmosphere


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