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Loaded Lux MAKES Tsu Surf CHOKE 2X!!


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Comment (24)

  1. Surf disappointed choking and I feel all he wants is get the cheque not hating but he needs decide whether if wants to battle rap or do music he can't do both look at least came with 3 rounds surf can't say nothing to mook

  2. I'm disappointed with surf he was terrible! How can you go on bars on i95 and destroy it then battle like that! All the talk leading up to the battle made me think surf had some amazing Material but it was nothing special. Oh well you win some and lose some i suppose! I'm still a surf fan but he's got to prepare much better next time!!!

  3. You be ignoring the ppl that said this shet for maaaaadd long… Surf got More Ls than Ws. His greatest achievement was beating Hollow then thought he was a God.

  4. Surf been one of the most overrated battle rappers he chokes in almost all his battles. He had some good battles but I never seen why he so rated. It must be the street shit that people love so much if so watch the news and hear about him getting shot or going to jail. Putting him in front of Lux was a bit of a joke to me. Him not turning up for the face-off said it all.

  5. Yea when one battler isn't bringing it, it takes away from the excitement of the battle.. especially when there's no crowd, to hype his opponent when he rapping.. at that point it just looks like sparring instead of battling and the battle feels lackluster..I thought lux had some good shit, but people saying he was not good..


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