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  1. Lux smoked Surf just like Daylyt smoked Roc….except Roc fought back and I don’t wanna hear “I heard his bars it’s gonna be different “ before the battle cause that’s shit don’t add up

  2. I havent liked lux material probably before the loaded hollows battle. His material against verb was light to me which is why some have him losing but to me he won. But I liked his material today. I liked surf material too but he fumbled alot. You can't fumble against lux at all.

  3. I'm starting to believe Adhi Boom was writing for Surf because he aint been shit since boom left and come back.
    Somebody needs to call Guiness Book of World Records because Surf is on the longest robbery spree in U.S. history. He's holding URL hostage.
    SURF and TWORK run URL, ( not Beasley and Smack), and they both about to choke the machine that pushes them to death AND I LOVE IT.
    Fuck the politics in battlerap.
    Lux 30'ed popularity tonight and I LOVED every goddamn second of it.

  4. I’m a Surf fan, but I gotta say this, RIGHT NOW!!!!! K Shine can kill him. On top of that, I feel like he can smoke any smack rapper right now. He’s so professional and so prepared. I respect that shit.

  5. Battle rap should have bags for performance of the night and battle of the night get bonuses offer them less bigger bags off the jump if they dunk their battle they get bonuses force these rappers to work that pen

  6. Let’s be honest surf gas this battle cause he knew he wasn’t going to win and all that he ain’t going to go 6 minutes cause that’s no in the contract, but this ninja couldn’t even go 5 minutes if that’s what was in it and DEADASS surf is the reason why they had a time keeper cause he knows wants LUX get started he is going to body bags you. Surf try to play it safe but still didn’t back up ALL HIS TALK. Bro he can’t ever say shitt and if other battle rappers make excuses for him ya not no real ninjas

  7. Surf is trash, Lux like to be honest he’s been in the game for years but who has he really beat I’ll wait…. And I’m 39 years old so I’m not new to this

  8. Once Surf started choking he lost interest and so did Lux , but Lux was saying some shit I think Surf just deflated the room now it look bad on Lux smh


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