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Lord of the Rings: Maiar

A brief history of the Maiar spirits who helped the Valar shape and oversee the world. Based on the “Lord of the Ring” Series as well as the expanded Universe …


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  1. JRRT was so talented at expanding the lore and history of Middle Earth that it really does feel like you’re reading a real history book. To know the true origins of Sauron and the Balrogs, specifically Durin’s Bane, and even the possible true history of Tom Bombadil and his family is fantastic. Great video keep them up. It’s 3:30am EST here and yet I had to watch this lol

  2. Tom Bombadil states he saw the first rain drop but we also know the Valar created the world with the same natural process the real world was created with. So I like to think Tom was there before the Valar descended and am picturing Manwe and Ulmo and Aule on a great lifeless rock at the dawn of time, they look to the left and see Tom in his silly hat and boots doing a jolly jig and singing nonsense and the Valar just sigh and make it a point to ignore Tom.

  3. Ever wonder why the Valar still trusted Aule? He circumvented the will of Illuvatar by making a 3rd sentient race which led to numerous wars between elves and dwarves. Then he was master to two Maiar traitors [Sauron and Saruman]. Melkor might have copied his technology to create weapons of war for his armies.

    One would think that the Valar keeps him under suspicion.

  4. Love ur videos man, I’d love one day to see a bloopers reel do you ever look at the names of things and say “oh heck how do I say this???” Because some of those names are flat out doosey

  5. There's always the theme of two sides that originated from the great source.
    Well I do know that Tolkien inspiration comes from the Biblical lore. Like Eru being God, the Ainur as Angels and Melkor as Lucifer. The concept of good and evil always been the pivotal point to this classic stories of epic legends and myths. I do question that gifting too much power and too much knowledge would caused one being astray from its former self. Melkor like Lucifer want the power of their creator. The power that could shaped reality on its will, the power to make itself greater than anything else. Was it intentionally or was it a destined pattern fated to happened that neither entities see it coming before time and space born in their nonexistent reality? Did God or Eru see their greatest and brightest child would fall in to the darkness or did they let it happened? For the so-called 'omnipotent' being like any faithful believers believed, how could such great being of unimaginable power and deep understanding of everything didn't see their child would become something beyond evil itself? Was it really a pre-destined absolute certainty or a prelude towards balance?
    For me I would always questioned behind the concept of good and evil. Two sides couldn't just be the thing that make up the evaluation of our preemptive understanding. A machination born from necessity? or part of the great eternal cycle?


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