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LOSO NOME X MONEY ON THE LINE PREDICTIONS Loso after his battle vs JC Ultimate Madness Tournament THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF HHIR Knowledge …


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Comment (16)

  1. Most consistent on giving us the same content since battle 1 literally, being non lyrical, super basic and simple schemes and setups wit more basic even the crowd telegraph the punch, no vocabulary rapper.
    Just by my straight fact breakdown y'all know who it is…smh

  2. Lux is lux…lost all his big matchups damn near, spits nonsensical bars alot, alot of soft schemes which he speeds up basic simple wordplay adds a black power bar and the crowd is baffled and he's prolific… Just listen to lux and don't be scared to keep it real cause ppl will say I don't understand him when it's very easy to understand him and see the bars for what they are.
    Lux like hulk Hogan, hulk was never the best but ppl loved him so they enshrined him instead of being real about his ability which isn't bad at all but not goat .

  3. Loso is right the way people were talking about that Verb vs DNA battle I was expecting to see a 30 but actually watching it Verb was SPITTING I had it 2-1 either way crazy how the narrative can be spun


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