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LOTRO – Moria ambience – The Silvertine Lodes – Lord of the Rings Online

Our journey through Moria continues. Scenes and gameplay ambience in Moria – The Silvertine Lodes, including- The Deep Descent, Menem-berej, The Old …


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  1. The next section of Moria. Here I also can still remember the most places, but not all. And I admit again, though I m not a fan of underground regions and dungeons in games, the architecture and constructions are really impressing. And as usual so far, it is really such a big difference to views those pictures form such a distance now than before in the game itself. Because when playing you are under a whole different pressure, and then you simply do not notice all details around. This is what makes such a journey so wonderful and important, because you can get a whole new feeling for a game after playing then. At least I have this experience now. So I can only repeat again, thank you so much for this chance, and I do enjoy every single step when a new chapter is added. I look forward to the next chapter yet!


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