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  1. Ayooooo PAUSE BT u wanna give ADEPT a massage???

    Wheres my damn Gavel… here take it! Bang the gavel on ya damn self . Dont worry ill do it for u battle pan… NO NO NO NO NO

  2. The new testament was written by the piso family and Josephius Flavious. No precepts of Jesus in the old. A lot of that is lack of reading comprehension

  3. Jeremiah 31 is NOT about the new testament. And it doesn't say a "new" covenant. U need to deal wit the Hebrew. It says a "renewal", not a whole new covenant. He renewed it by puttin the law on our hearts like that scripture says. Numbers 23:19 "God is not a man, that He should lie; Neither the son of man, that He should repent: When He hath said, will He not do it? Or when He hath spoken, will He not make it good?" So to say the most high changed the way in which we get salvation is incorrect. The creator doesn't change

  4. Adept ain’t gone be able to come outside if he keep making enemies. Some of these battlers may not be about that life, but they have family and friends who are.

    Also, both you brothers claim to be believers but many of the things you guys say and do are blatant contradictions to your beliefs so check yourselves first before trying to check these battlers for clout and views

  5. If he was way off about can anything he says be credible?…but I can see homie was a loser and any nicca who follow behinds a loser..I dont even kno wat to call them..Bt u lowkey fear him..I hear it in your love him? And give him a massage?

  6. Adam really was the first one to bring luciferianism into this world we HAVE to keep it 1000. I understand your argument but the fact that Adam succumbed to sin in search for that left-hand knowledge, that is technically bringing luciferianism into this world. (I said Luciferianism, not pansexuality Lol) There are satanic cults that venerate Adam and Eve. Adam was just a man like you and I. We are all perfect in the eyes of God. Adam is not equivalent to Jesus Christ

  7. I agree with the new and Old Testament argument. Christ basically embodied the Old Testament, and was killed for it. What Jesus(yashua) proved was anyone could be saved through forgiveness.

  8. HNIC exposing the Saturn devil worship in battle rap and your talking about the Bible??? Lol maaan truth get it together, lemme find out you down wit that shit cuz out of ALLL the shit he says your talking about his beliefs?? Question him on the devil worshipping in battle rap which is a FACT or umma think you and caps are down man rt

  9. Adept gets some teaching from the brotha COJ 144 and he might be a lil too deep for most ppl but at the end of the day it’s how u receive Christ and how he deliver u!!!! Peace and Blessing to EVERYONE!!!


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