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Me And Tsu Surf Talking Swamp vs Nu Jerzey Twork

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  1. Steph method is obviously proven to be effective, greatest shooter ever, we're surprised when Steph has a bad shooting night… As oppose to Twork, we're surprised when he DOESN'T have a bad night. I just saw a stat that said Twork has choked in 42% of his URL battles, and there's probably some they're forgetting. Stop mindlessly throwing out sports comparisons

  2. Curry is a Champion, wins when it matters most. Twork has less opponents and lose when it matters. If he beats up on Mr. Small league battlers, who gives a fuck

  3. Ha ha it sounds like surf's prepering to die against lux,he forgetting the word BATTLE,if your battling someone its to win, i an't hearing you on this one surf…..


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