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Message 2 Ah Di Boom Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. Now maybe u will understand why hhir can't just out a Br when they say things. He has to play his role. Just like when u do the FO we don't expect u to call out lies u just play the mediator

  2. Bro yo faceoff gon be akward as hell it ain't gon be genuine how you expect him to be professional when you keep bashing him yea he the worst kind but if you feel so strongly about that why even take the job just let a rat go ignored

  3. You need to play the mediator truth, your own personal opinions need to be kept to yourself because were here to watch the battlers face off not you just remember that

  4. #AhDiBoom first salute you as a Black man we all make mistakes,but someone seen my video bout you ,i never ever agreed with a white boy goin out his way causing you to lose legal way to feed your family,especially for the nerds that never experienced jail,prison ,them goofies not qualified for a opinion,but also salute to #BattleTruth1UF for whatever you doin to giv that black man a chance#arp a sell out nerd ass shouldve got his issue


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